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Though much of Jack’s time during the week is devoted to work and two advanced off-campus engineering classes, the girls and I occasionally steal away his attention.  It’s usually over the weekend that we make sure to have some grand ol’ family time.  I take photos to ensure I have evidence of it.


Typically, Evie and Claire decide what to do since they have an excellent sense of fun.  That means we often end up at one of the numerous area parks.  Fortunately, it’s been a bit chilly on the weekends so it scares most of the locals inside.  The parks are abandoned so we can run wild.


The fun thing about living somewhere new is the chance to visit “tour-isty” places without any of the rush.  The landscape varies greatly, making for some spectacular views, like at Lover’s Leap:


Waco is full of seasoned history too.  Jack found an old bridge built around 1866, formerly the longest suspension bridge used to transport cattle, wagons and pedestrians across the river for a modest fee.  It’s been well maintained and offers a nice view of the Brazos river below.  Of course, we’re always looking for a daring new exploit and Evelyn offered it yesterday when she climbed onto part of the support and started ascending, egged on by Jack.  As I’ve said before, she did not inherit my fear of heights.


At first glance, it looked like Jack was tormenting Evelyn from the dock.  She actually wanted to touch the muddy water flowing by, so Jack made it possible for her.



We stumbled across a cool sculpture of a cowboy wrangling (what else?) a herd of longhorns.  Seeing no signs to stay off, we naturally mounted the cattle for a photo.



We’re looking forward to many more family outings during our extended stay.  There’s plenty more to see in our quest for more memorable, adventurous weekends together.




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