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Yarn Wreath With Optional Felt Flowers Tutorial


Most of our decorations didn’t make the trek so our apartment has been looking a bit bland.  Today I decided to tackle a project that has been on my mind since seeing similar crafts online: the yarn wreath.

The beauty of this decoration is that it’s simple and cheap, yet so colorful and charming.  All you need is:


Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Plastifoam (or similarly dense foam) wreath
Optional felt squares for flowers and leaves


1.  Tie a knot of yarn at the back of your wreath.  Trim the tail and secure with hot glue if you wish.


2.  Begin wrapping yarn around the wreath, keeping it taut and close together to avoid gaps.  You may either line it up exactly for a smoother wreath or occasionally double back to give the wreath some texture.


3.  Trim a piece of ribbon (however long you want your wreath to hang), tie in a knot and pass the yarn through several times to support the weight of the wreath.  Continue to snugly wrap the yarn around the foam.


4.  When you’ve finished wrapping the bare foam wreath, tie the end of the yarn at the back, trimming the tail and securing with hot glue if you desire.


5.  (The following steps are optional)  If you’d like to have rolled felt flowers added to your wreath, trim the felt about an inch thick around the entire square as follows:


6.  Begin hot gluing while wrapping the flowers tightly.  The size and thickness depends on how long you continue to roll the felt.  Secure end with hot glue.  Trim the excess corner pieces when finished.


7.  Trim leaf-shaped pieces from the felt.  At one end, fold together, place a bead of hot glue inside and pinch together for several seconds until glue has cooled.


8.  Attach leaves to the bottom of the felt flowers and secure flowers onto wreath with a generous amount of hot glue.

9.  Hang and enjoy!


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