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My friend Emily over at Our Waldo Bungie just made my day.  First of all, I really have to credit her with the tremendous amount of support she gave to help me to even work up the courage to start a blog.  I’ve known her since our first days of school and have grown up with her, from watching her take a riding lesson after a sleepover (it was my first exposure to dressage!) to borrowing her mother in high school to learn french.  The other day, she bestowed upon The Rehomesteaders two fantastic awards:

The Liebster Blog Award


It’s meant to highlight up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers (see below for how to pass along the prize).

The Kreativ Blogger Award


This award is to help you get to know by sharing 10 (hopefully interesting) facts that you might not know about me before passing it along to someone else.

So, here’s the list:


 1.  If I were to compete in the Olympics, I’d want to be on the dressage team–I love eventing and show jumping but those verticals and oxers and combinations are way too high for me (see number 3).


2.  I always wished my name had a “k” in it because I enjoy writing lowercase cursive k‘s.  Perhaps that’s what attracted me to Jack in the first place–thanks to him, I now have that coveted letter k.

3.  Several of my fears are completely irrational though thankfully not debilitating:  I hate heights (though I confronted my fear several times this fall while redoing our siding), no balloons are allowed near my face and I cannot find the courage to open canned crescent rolls on my own.

4.  I have donated my hair to Locks of Love twice, soon to go on three.  I hope to do it many more times.

5.  Once, I stumbled across a large garter snack who’d been attacked by a cat.  While nursing her back to health, she gave birth to 30 live babies on the first day of school.  So cool.

6.  When I get hurt, I don’t cry.  I get mad.

7.  I have aspirations of publishing a book, selling artwork and jewelry, running a pumpkin patch/Christmas tree farm/petting zoo, designing a clothing line for pregnant and nursing women, owning a ridiculously large equestrian facility and spending my time hosting horse shows. Which one depends on the day.


8.  I’m fluent in French.  Well, Quebecois technically.

9.  My favorite flowers are purple (any shade) bearded irises.

10.  I am my husband’s common sense.  While he may be able to calculate complex equations to propel rockets into space, he needs constant reminders to zip up his pants, that what he’s thinking of doing is a good/bad idea and that he left something boiling on the stove.

So there you go.  Should the prestigious award be passed to you, the idea is to keep it going by giving it to another blog.

For the Liebster Blog:
Just thank your giver and pass it along to another up and coming blog with less than 200 followers). 

For The Kreativ Blogger
Thank your giver, tell your readers ten interesting things about yourself and pass it along to another blog.

I’d like to pass along both the Liebster Blog to the following (go ahead, take a gander):

Belle Petite Photographie : She shares her love of photography and has some awesome portraits posted.  If you’re in her area, look her up for a session!
As for the Kreativ Blogger Award, take a peak at:

Authors Anonymous : This site is run by two high schoolers!  But don’t be fooled, they are both aspiring authors and voracious readers, able to offer plenty of sound advice for those interested in writing as well.


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