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Our darling boy Jerrett wasn’t there to greet us when we visited the Waco Humane Society this afternoon.  Turns out he’s enjoying time in a foster home until he is adopted so we perused the other hounds and settled on the cutie pie Mona.


The dainty girl has some fiery red hair and a set of ears that she could probably use for echolocation.  It’s pretty obvious too where she’s looking when she has those monsters pricked.  They are an adorable accessory to her otherwise petite features that she tucks down behind her head when not in use.


Her body shows signs of having had a litter quite recently.  Mona must have made a wonderful mother because she really enjoyed being around little kids.  She hopped right in the car, preferring to spend time in the back seat between the girls, if not on their lap while they scratched under her chin.  Otherwise, she perched on the arm rest and calmly watched where we were headed.


Mona has excellent vision as well–she stared at another dog and a group of power walkers a good distance away but never offered so much as a yip.  She’s just incredibly observant yet happy to sit and watch.  Even when we took her on a stroll, she looked around but skipped along nicely the whole time she was leashed.


Other than occasionally jumping up (and only on me–never the girls) because she was excited at the prospect of being held (and really, she’s got about the force of a feather behind her), she took treats like a lady, enjoyed being pet all over and seemed to have a pleasant smile on her face the entire time.  She knows she’s a sweetie pie but doesn’t bother rubbing it in anyone’s face.

***We’re happy to report that sweet little Mona was adopted!***
Lovin’ the hugs.

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