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I’m starting to become nostalgic about our time at the acreage.  Though I fear it, leaving is inevitable and we’re coming closer every day.  Jack’s job or further pursuit of education will cause us to leave our sanctuary in someone else’s hands.


Looking back, life here has rarely been easy, though that doesn’t mean unenjoyable or miserable.  When I’m working on a project, there are few days that I don’t get frustrated to the point of tears (a sure sign of my immaturity–getting angry at a hammer that didn’t swing itself at my thumb is pretty childish) but for some reason, I still prefer the challenges of a homestead over that of living in a comfortable home in town.

While many lessons are the same, there are some that are learned much easier while in the country.  Shoveling ourselves out of a snowstorm is a lot more involved than sweating over a twelve foot driveway.  Human interaction beyond our family is sparse and trips to town are consolidated to save time and gas.  Food could often be traced back the garden, from a hen’s nest box or a neighbor’s bullock that just yesterday we were petting.

That’s not to say that we are completely cut off from the grocery store or the mall, but the circle of life is evident, especially when the cats are on a roll keeping vermin under control, dragging the evidence up to our sidewalk.

Of all the challenges, our residence has been the toughest.  It has taught the value of hard work, doing it right the first time, weaseling out bargains, not being shy about asking for help and experimenting to see what works.  It has been incredibly satisfying watching the rundown house transform into a home.


It’s not all sweat and tears either.  I actually think a majority of time is more enjoyable than not.  Kids are always out to ride horses with Evelyn and Claire, I get my fill of animals every time I go out to feed our flocks and herds, we frequently relax without television and most days, Mother Nature is kind.



I know we’ll be a happy family wherever we land.  I’m just already fervently praying that our next home will also be a humble homestead that affords us to drag our animals and lifestyle with us, creating many more rich and unique memories.

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