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Since Molly’s been adopted, we moved on to work with another adorable pooch.  There are so many to choose from, but the little mutt Jerrett just oozes charm.


1785-9580226He’s a youngin’ so we’re enjoying his puppy enthusiasm while helping him learn some manners that will make it easier for whoever he ends up with.  Jerrett is so sweet–whenever he gets nervous, it only takes a reassuring word and a scratch behind the ear for him to settle down.  He obviously loves kids too and the attention they give him, a plus for any dog.


The first time we borrowed him, we took him out to a bike trail near Baylor university, running parallel to the Brazos river.  He relished the serenity (I can totally understand: after being kept in close proximity with some other vocal dogs at the pound, it’s nice to have some peace and quiet!) and walked perfectly with us, never uttering a peep at the other people we passed.  We jogged a little too to test him out and he was a perfect gentleman on the leash, trotting evenly beside us the whole time.

The second visit, we gave him a much-needed bath and let him have time to roam around and enjoy inhabiting a home.  Of course, he wore himself out and ended up taking a nap.  We also embarrassed him by making him a decorative bow tie.  The hardest part was getting him to sit still for a picture–every time I stooped down to snap his photo, he wriggled over to snuggle and ask for a pat on the head.  What a darling.



We’re hoping Jerrett gets adopted soon, not because we’re tired of him, but because it’s a shame that someone isn’t already enjoying him.

***Update:  Jerrett is no longer available for adoption as he found his forever family!  Hooray!***

Love those two dots on his knuckles!
He’s always got a smile

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  1. Emily, you are so nice! I just enjoy that we get to help out and spend time with some really adorable animals. And believe me, if we could, we'd be fostering all kinds of pets. Better yet, adopting them!

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