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Married in the Winter Quarters Temple on a snowy day mid-January.

This past Friday, Jack and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary.  As far as I can remember, they’ve been five perfectly blissful years.

Though Jack still had to work, he got of “early.”  When “early” is five o’clock, that’s a little sad, but the girls and I were delighted to see him while the sun was still up.  We kicked off the festivities by welcoming in a couch to our apartment.  That big blue beast may have seen better days but you’ll never know how much more comfortable a couch makes a home until you haven’t had one for a few weeks.

Maybe I’ll work on my sewing skills and whip up a slipcover.  I always love a new challenge.

An adorable girl from church dropped by after Claire went to sleep and entertained Evelyn while Jack and I ran out to an affordable, yet decent Chinese restaurant.  Evie was having so much fun that she was still awake when we returned home, deliriously tired but having a blast.

The five year anniversary gifts traditionally are to be wood.  Though modern claims it’s to be silverware, I couldn’t find myself saying, “Happy anniversary honey.  Here are some spoons and forks.”  We stick with the traditional list.  So I got Jack a neat wooden chest made out of cedar . . .



. . . although I have a feeling the girls may get more use out of it as they’re already using it to stash toys.

Jack went to an antique shop and purchased . . . 



WOOL CARDERS!  While that may not seem entirely quixotic to anyone else, it is exactly what I wanted since shearing our sheep.  I have the wool and the hand spinner but was lacking the terribly important carders to brush out the wool.  The old combs are much appreciated and will be put to good use during our stay.

He also got some lovely flowers, just to be the romantic guy he is.


The last five years have been a whirlwind of graduating college, babies, buying an acreage and nearly completing its restoration, some fun family trips, adventures, trials and ultimately, always overcoming.  I’m looking forward to more of all of it in the next five years.

Jenny, Jay and my friend Kristin did such a great job decorating our car that I found strands of the sparkly plastic grass for years (YEARS) afterward.

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