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My friend Kristin recently relocated to New York City, far, far away.  She couldn’t be living in surroundings much more opposite than me.  I’ve seen her photos of Grand Central Station, the Time’s Square Christmas tree and beautiful night shots of the sparkling towers of downtown NYC.  Despite wanting to live in completely different settings, there are plenty of things we have in common.  For example, we both are fascinated by old buildings and enjoy renovating them.  Actually, that’s what she does for a living.  She’s one who’s been out to our house, helping do unpleasant tasks like knock down plaster.  Not many visitors escape without some kind of work assigned them but she was happy to help . . . . I think.

We ran a 5k together and both set personal records.  Originally though, it started with the heavy, comical sousaphone.


In the last years of high school and on into college we marched side by side, having a grand time, all the while sharing the inside joke of how funny it was to be a girl blasting away on the tuba.


We both attended the Alumni Band performance and were reunited with several of the other sousaphone players from our college days.


The Huskers won, which always makes the game more enjoyable.  The halftime show was touching–a rendition from a decade earlier dedicated to those who lost their lives on the tragic September 11th.

We giggled at Little Red standing atop the sky boxes, eerily watching the spectators below.


Kristin told me about their plans for updating Memorial Stadium and borrowed my camera to snap a shot of the humongous crane towering overhead.


Later, my mom–a secretary for the band program–dropped by to pose with us.


We went home incredibly sore after toting around the 60+ pound hunks of brass.  The week of aching muscles was worth it for the fun of reliving our common past for a day.


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