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Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine.  I’m not exactly sure why but I’m guessing it had something to do with dressing up in an elaborate costume to run around after my bedtime in search of bowls full of candy.  It was disappointing to “outgrow” the holiday but now that I’m a mother, my passion for the day has been rekindled.

The first Trick or Treating experience of the year was a trial run at our church’s Trunk or Treat.  There were plenty of activities to keep them busy until the candy hunt began: ceiling apple bobbing, face panting, bean bag toss, etc.  Evelyn was a bit shy at first but she got the idea that once an activity was completed, there was a resulting prize.


Evie got a little heart on her cheek . . .


. . . so I got three to match.

Evie didn’t quite understand the ceiling apple bobbing required her to use her teeth.  She walked right up to the apples and yanked one down.



That made Claire pretty happy.  She ate almost that entire apple.  You can see her in just about every picture biting off flecks of the sweet fruit.



After a delicious potluck, it was off to practice her Trick or Treating skills at the backs of people’s cars!


My sister found the patterns for their costumes so I decided to give costume making a shot.  First, Evie wanted to be a princess but once she helped decide Claire should be a lamb, her costume became Little Bo Peep.  Together people guessed who Evelyn was right away.  Separately, Evelyn got a lot of, “Oh look!  A little prairie girl!”  Close enough.

I thought of halter breaking Milly–our little black lamb–so Evie could drag her along but the idea came too late.  Maybe next year . . .

It was a fun evening and gave us a chance to get in the holiday spirit before the actual holiday arrived.



A few of the other Trunk or Treaters–Queen Amidala, Dorthy and a fairy.


The day of Halloween kind of felt like any other day.  I worked on the siding, we had to run to town for a couple errands, the animals still wanted to be fed.  It wasn’t until Jack rushed home, we gobbled down our dinner and he crawled into the attic to raid our holiday supplies that I felt the excitement of Trick or Treating.

He brought down some forgotten costume accessories and all got dressed for the evening.





Being in the country, we get to pick which town we decide to visit for Halloween.  Last year, we hit up Story City.  This year we went to Gilbert and ran along with another family of friends.


It wasn’t long before all of that practice made perfect.  Evelyn was an expert at hunting out the doorbells, shouting, “Trick or Treat!” before anyone answered the door and reminding her friend loudly to say, “Thank you.”  She innocently grabbed more than one candy, despite my stern reminders to take only one and for some reason, chose a large number of Kit Kats, suckers and Smarties.  I’m almost positive it was her strategy so I wouldn’t be as inclined to raid her candy bucket.

We heard a few more times, “Oh!  A little prairie girl!” and Claire, in her suede-lined sherpa outfit stayed nice and warm, enjoying the scenery.  Next year, she’ll be trotting right alongside her sister.


We Tricked and Treated until the time ran out and the kids could barely keep their drooping eyes open.  It was certainly a memorable evening and we’re already looking forward to next year already!



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