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Despite being back “home” in Nebraska for the week of Thanksgiving, it seems like it was a whirlwind trip.  There are always so many people to visit and try to hurry and catch up with, one being a good friend from my days at the vet clinic.

Wendy gave me some of her tastiest recipes and gave me the go ahead to share.  Her quick recipe for honey butter made the list and as I Ooooed and Ahhhed my gift, she pulled a small homemade jar from the fridge.  Once we made it home, we cracked it open and smeared it over a loaf of thick bread and now, well, it’s almost gone.
There isn’t quite a way to describe the taste: it’s certainly honey and butter but it has a little something else as the two ingredients meld during the cooking process.  Make some and keep some in the fridge to scrape over toast, dinner rolls, a slice of wheat bread–it’ll be delicious however you spread it.

(This recipe makes about two pint jars).

1 pound of honey
1 pound of UNsalted butter
1:1 ratio of each

Melt butter over low in a saucepan, being careful not to scorch.  Add the honey when the butter is completely melted.  Stir continuously.

When the butter is no longer yellow and has taken on the hue of golden honey, it’s ready to pour into canning jars for sealing. (If you can still “feel” the scrape of honey sugar crystals in the pan, keep stirring until smooth).

Ladle honey butter into jars and seal.  Don’t forget to wipe the jar rim before placing on the lid or it won’t seal properly.  Cool at room temperature for several hours before storing in the refrigerator.

***Be sure to keep it refrigerated or the butter will go rancid.  Don’t worry about separating either–remove the lid and microwave for a few seconds to soften before mixing the honey and butter together again.***

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