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I started focusing on doing the siding this past week.  It’s not nearly as hard as I thought it would be (once Jack came home and told me how I was actually supposed to be doing it).  It does, however, require the use of several small hand tools like hammers, nails, marking pencils, tape measures, pry bars and tin snips (yes, tin snips for siding–special siding scissors for $20+?  No thank you!).  As you can imagine, that’s a lot to fumble around with.


While I was on the ground, it wasn’t so bad because I could set one thing down and pick up another.  It was when I climbed up the step stool and the ladder that I started searching for Jack’s trusty tool belt.


After Jack returned from his two year mission in Mexico, he took a job working in concrete.  That tool belt has been through years of hard labor already but it doesn’t look like it’ll be worn out anytime soon.


The best part of snapping that tool belt on my waist was that I didn’t have to lengthen it!  Jack is almost legendary for how slender and tall he is.  It’s hard for my figure to compete with his.  Anyway, it fit like a glove and was incredibly advantageous.


No more scaling up and down ladders to grab whatever tools I need.  It was the extra set of hands I required (let’s face it–my girls may know their tools but that certainly doesn’t mean that they’re going to fetch them for me if I request it).

They are a little bit glamorous too–made me feel like a hula dancer when I strapped that tool belt on and sashayed around the yard.  I also saw online that the come in a variety of colors, including hot pink for those women who prefer a more feminine hue.


I don’t think these cousins of the fanny pack are going to be replacing purses or diaper bags anytime soon but if they do, I can claim rocking the tool belt long before the trend.


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