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One of the problems I’ve been encountering as the siding has progressed is the need to climb up increasingly steep, high ladders.  I have never been a fan of heights.  In fact, Jack has made me cry a few times by forcing me onto the top of roofs.  He’s lucky I even married him after pulling stunts like that.
My phobia dissipated remarkably when my desperate desire to complete the siding before winter took over.  I now scale ladders faster than a squirrel that used to make my knees shake at the mere sight of them.  The trick is mostly to avoid looking down.  That way, you really aren’t concerned with how far you might fall.
After two solid weeks working on the east side of the house, I was painfully close to finishing, meaning the house would be approximately half-sided!  I could barely contain my giddiness and spent all of my spare time on Saturday rushing up and down the walls of our home.
Jack was so kind to hold the base of my ladder when the normally sturdy fiberglass ladder became wobbly from the extension.  He made childish comments about the great view he had, otherwise waiting patiently for me to tack up strip after strip.
I got to peak which required lots of trimming to get the angled pieces fit just right.  I tried to hang onto the ladder while cutting but I just couldn’t do it.
Toss it down and I’ll cut it,” Jack offered.
I complied.
I glanced down to see the siding flutter downward while noticing that Jack wasn’t paying attention.  I shouted his name just in time for him to look up at the siding whack his forehead.  Bonk!

Oops.  I may have killed my husband.
Before you think I’m an awful wife, notice that he’s laughing and smiling about the ordeal.
I was quite surprised how much he bled.  See?
It almost looks like theater blood but I assure you, it was quite real.

He halfheartedly tried to make me feel bad about what I did but it was difficult when he kept giggling and reassuring me that it didn’t hurt.  Poor Jack has poured more blood into this house than any of the rest of us combined.


Let us learn a valuable life lesson from this unfortunate accident: whether you’re on the ladder, below the ladder–really whenever–don’t look down.


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