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Once the warm weather arrives, we are serenaded by a veritable orchestra of animals and insects which make the nights anything but quiet and still.  The first three summers we enjoyed a regular visitor to our yard: a grey tree frog.
I have no idea if he’s the same little guy every year but I like to think he is.  He blends in pretty well–they can change their color a bit–but gives himself away with his handsome singing.  I can never help myself and pick him up for a few moments, let Evelyn have a go (she hasn’t crushed anything yet with her excited-to-death grip she inherited from Jack) and then help him back into one of our mulberry trees, where at least I think the cats will leave him alone.
Last year, our special guest of honor proved that he has no fear of cats.

RJ didn’t seem to mind too much though he kept wriggling the skin on his back, like he was ticklish.  But, true to RJ’s nature, he was plenty patient and took it all in stride.

And luckily for the frog, RJ wasn’t in the mood for frog legs.

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