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I’ve been dreaming of this day since we moved in.  The carpet has finally arrived in our living room!  It went from this . . .
 . . . to this . . .

. . . in just a few hours.  It’s funny how a couple of sheets of new subflooring made the room look even better.  I should have done it sooner!


Thank goodness Jack was there to help me cut holes for the vents.  I could have done it but would probably been frazzled and angry afterward.  Saws really aren’t my favorite tool to use.


We’re all enjoying the plush flooring now.  Our feet and socks aren’t dirty from our own house and I am confident my toes won’t be freezing when I sit down to watch television this winter.  Perhaps the best feeling of all is that of vacuuming.  I am loving that cleaning makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something (rather than just cleaning up a construction mess, only to make another the next day).  In fact, I haven’t put away my vacuum yet!


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