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I love goals.  Even more than goals, I love accomplishing them.  My problem then becomes managing my time wisely to efficiently and effectively complete whatever I’ve set out to do.  It’s too easy to become overwhelmed in the tumultuous sea of impossibly unattainable goals simply because there are too many.  This summer was no exception.
I naively thought that I’d be bored in Cedar Rapids, stuck in a shabby apartment with nothing to do.  Wrong.  Before we left, I made a mental list of what I was going to do to fill the void.  Here’s how I fared:

Horribly Miserable Utter Failures

  • Genealogy–the desire was there, the work ethic was not.  I at least thought about doing it.  I think I may have to save it for winter hibernation.
  • Get a hair cut–I was supposed to get one back in April.  Oops.  This has the potential to make it to the Dominated! section if I get it done within the next week and a half.
  • Save money–uh, no.  There just wasn’t anything to spare!  Honest!
  • Teach Claire Quantum Physics–I should have known this would be a failure seeing as I don’t know Quantum Physics myself.
  • Work on my tan–haha, haha…even my farmer’s tan is a disaster.  There are varying degrees on the spectrum from pasty white to tawny all along my extremities.  The worst part is my neck–the right half is nice and tan because my hair drapes over the left side which keeps it from ever seeing sun.  Geesh.  I’ll just keep reminding myself that tanning makes skin wrinkly anyway.

Not Really Sure Who The Winner Was…

  • Get to know my sewing machine better–well…I did use it a couple of times, but I’m no Vera Wang yet…I stress yet.
  • Hone my artistic skills–unless you count coloring (in crayon, mind you) with Evelyn, then I didn’t really refresh my artistic abilities like I’d hoped.
  • Get family photos–planned for later this summer so it wasn’t a complete failure!
  •  Ride Stoney more often–I was hoping to go to a show but the lack of transportation and time training really squelched that dream.  However, I have ridden this summer more than I have in the last several years, so I kind of won.
  •  Vacation–I knew we weren’t going to escape to Hawaii or anything but I’d say we had a few good trips and saw some neat things this summer.  We’ve some wonderful memories with family and friends.
  • Potty train Evelyn.  See below. 
  Well…she gets the idea.
  • Get rid of stuff via Craigslist or Ebay–um, I’ve decided to have a yard sale in September instead.  Then maybe I’ll have some money to save.
  • Finish proofreading my novel–I’ve got 100 pages to go and a week and a half to do it…I’ll probably get done.  Finding a literary agent to represent me on the other hand is a project for the rainy days of autumn I think.
  • Organize photos–I intended on printing off photos and putting them in albums but I’m giving myself some credit by putting some on Facebook, my blog or simply uploading them onto the computer.
  • Finish dieting–just in time for the 4th of July! I lost a total of 85 pounds since Claire was born.  The best part is that my weight has been steady as a rock.  I forgot how much I missed being thin!
  • Pick up running again–man, was it hard to get back into shape.  Pushing my two girls in a double jogging stroller was tough but they’re great company.  My love/hate relationship with running is now back to love.
  • Run a 5k–thanks to my friend Kristin who found a race, encouraged me to enter and ran with me.  Having a little competition is good motivation to keep training.
  • Learn how to cross stitch–oh, yeah I did and that’s right–I thoroughly enjoy it.
  • Start a blog–despite despising the very word, I overcame and am seeing the fruit of my efforts.

There were a lot more little, insignificant goals as well as ones that are huge and are never really quite done (I knew not much work would be done on the house, but that’s always on my list).  That doesn’t mean I didn’t try.  Overall, I thought this summer was successful and I’m proud of everything I was able to get done.  Hope you feel the same about yours!


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