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It’s almost hard to admit but it was a tad bittersweet coming home on Saturday.  While we never really settled in to Cedar Rapids because of our frequent treks home on the weekends to check our animals, work on the house and fulfill assignments for church, the little apartment eventually was referred to as “home.”
So, rather than “What I Will/Won’t Miss,” here’s just a list of what’s different living in a shabby apartment versus living on a rundown acreage.  Some are neither good nor bad and some are definitely good or bad.

1.  Central air versus window air conditioners (and usually less than that–the seemingly constant Iowa wind provides lots of relief as long as it’s coming from the right direction)
2.  The apartment pool versus the lake
3.  Hordes of fun, daily activities versus staying home all day long
4.  The beautiful nature in the Cedar River Valley versus our own gorgeous land


5.  Being within minutes of an impressive equestrian center versus having my own horses twenty feet away

6.  Lots of leisure time (never any rush to work on the house since we weren’t there!) versus always having something to do
7.  Speedy internet at a reasonable price versus slower, more expensive internet
8.  Peeping Toms (Seriously, it always felt like there was someone staring.  One apartment repairman even let himself in while I was showering.  From then on, I used the chain to barricade myself while we were home) versus being able to strut around my house however I please, knowing no one’s looking inside simply because there isn’t anyone outside

9.  The feeling of residing in a human beehive versus living like a recluse
10.  Other people doing apartment repairs (I thought we’d escape construction for the summer and enjoy a repose from the work.  Nope.) versus doing our own home improvements



The apartment repairman stepped through our ceiling while we were gone for the weekend.  This is the mess we came home to.  Joy.

11.The various, usually unpleasant smells wafting from factories versus drifting hog confinement odors
12. No Hobby Lobby versus having a Hobby Lobby (that’s an obvious plus to being home!)
13.  The roaring race track every weekend versus the occasional thundering of a truck along the highway
14.  Being the dishwasher versus having a dishwasher
15.  No animals living with us (and therefore needing insects to keep us occupied) versus having our animals roaming on our property




I could go on and on but I think I’ve made my point.  Being home has never felt so sweet!



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  1. Ha ha! Just yesterday I couldn't get one of our garage doors closed. I gave up only to come to it later and find a huge furry cat exploring the place! I shrieked from being startled, and the cat ran. Neighbors have had sightings of possums, so my reaction was justified, I'd say! 🙂

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