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Inspirational Homes: Near Perfect

I’ve found that since owning a home, I seriously lack in creativity when it comes to home decoration and remodeling.  “You bought the wrong house,” you’re probably thinking and, in a way, you’re right.  Our poor home needed a complete facelift and there I was–the plastic surgeon with scalpel in hand, patient anesthetized and no clue what parts to nip or tuck or lift.  Luckily, I have a few family members and friends whose opinions I trust and whose styles are compatible.  Whenever I’m at a loss, I turn to them for direction.
Occasionally I discover on my own something I like, whether it’s one feature of the home such as a grandiose wrap-around porch or the entire house that looks like a replicated stone fortress.  I’ve decided the best way to keep track of everything I want to mash into a house is to document it with photos (even if it in the end it’s simply the imaginary mansion I’ve constructed in my mind).  So, if you catch me outside taking pictures of your house from my car, take it as a compliment even if it seems creepy.  It means you have good taste!
Now that I’ve got you wondering just what kind of architecture I find inspirational, here is one I find nearly perfect:



What’s that?  You can’t see it very well?  I just wanted to emphasize how large the property is.  I would guess it was a good fifty acres.  Plenty of space which is something I really need.  And so do my pets.
Here’s a better view:



Isn’t it neat?  Lots of windows, a dramatic front porch, a castle-like roof, a private pond and a quarter mile driveway?!  What more could I want?!



Other than the lack of a barn and pasture (which could easily be remedied with a little sweat, time and building materials–heck, if you own a house like this, you probably have the resources to just pay someone to build it for you), this is the kind of place that makes me salivate.  And not in the bad, covetous way, but the, “I really think that place is amazing and hope I can have a house that nice someday” way.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll get lucky.  Dreams do come true!
So, if you’re driving in Lincoln, NE on North Pioneers, take a peak at this gorgeous house.  Just be prepared with some towels in case you too find yourself drooling.


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