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Normal people spend their spring break at some location other than home, relaxing and shaking off the dormant stupor of winter.  We, on the other hand, spend 99.9% of all free time fixing something.  And for spring break 2010, we actually recruited other innocent family members to help (they should have known better–it wasn’t their first visit!) and what better project to work on than the stairs?!

I think I’ll let the photos speak for themselves here.  I’ll show you a few of the old, incredibly steep, built-for-tiny-pioneer-feet stairs (they were like a painful slide when you slip down them–trust me, I know–so I took revenge on them by having them replaced) and some of the fixing up process.  It isn’t always pretty and boy, was it a lot of work, but we got those suckers taken care of and I couldn’t be happier!

Charming, isn’t it?  This is what the stairs looked like after we ripped a hole in the doorway so we could tote our mattress up the stairs.
Can you say, “Steep?”
The skeleton of new stairs!



 We extended the landing of the stairs so guests (and ourselves!) wouldn’t tumble down the stairs as they stepped out of the bathroom.

 It’s starting to look finished!  And I love the storage under the stairs–plenty of room for Harry Potter!

Rather than let anyone go soft, I’m happy to say by the end of spring break, all that participated in the building of our new stairs were thoroughly exhausted in both body and mind.  There was still plenty of work after the initial building of the stairs (as you can see by the crumbling plaster and lathe behind) but I took advantage of the fact that several family members and friends were engineer-minded enough to conceive of these beautiful steps.  And if they weren’t involved in the design of the stairs, like myself, they were used as pack mules for carrying garbage outside or bringing materials inside.  So with my deepest gratitude, thanks to all who helped with our elegant new stairs!


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